Keynote Speaker

Film Director



Maxim Jago speaks on wide-ranging subjects exploring lessons learns from his work as a filmmaker, futurist, author, and media technology expert.


He proposes an optimistic-realist attitude to future technologies and opportunities for growth in society, and in ourselves.


As an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter, Maxim is currently engaged in three feature film projects that include true VR storytelling elements.


As an Author, Maxim writes the official Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book - the standard text used by film schools all around the world.

Follow these links for further information on current work


Jolie's Garden

2D, 360 video, and Live Audience feature film, about a blind girl who lives in a beautiful underground garden and does not know she's a prisoner.

Orpheus Rising

Transcendent love-story thriller feature film about an uncommonly compassionate contract killer who falls unexpectedly in love.


The Angel's Angel

Short film exploring giving and caring in a lonely world.


Maxim will be speaking at the

Adobe MAX 2017 conference,

Las Vegas, October 18th to October 20th.

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