Maxim has worked with a huge range of clients, ranging from major international corporations to small creative or technology outfits.


Google,  YouTube,  HP, Adobe, Microsoft, Avid,  Dubai Film Festival,  Sundance Film Festival, Grass Valley, Canopus, RED, Panasonic, JVC Pro, Cheshire County Council, Northampton County Council, BBC London, Scotland and BBC Wales, Meridian Television,  Euronews, ABC Australia, ERTU Egypt, The Director’s Guild of Great Britain, Leeds University, Aylwin Girls School, Sheffield College, Eastleigh College, Rolls Royce, Christian Voice International, Futureworks, Loughborough University,   Redbridge College, Digital Garage, English Heritage,  Photosound, Markettiers 4DC,  Mustard Links, Soho Editors, Carr-Gomm, Broadview, Allen & Ovary LLP,  2Day UK,  Roxel UK, Digital Video Computing, EPM Productions, Fighting Films, Planet PC,  Zonevision,  Pumphouse, Sky Broadcasting, Real Ideas Studio, Video2Brain, Peachpit, Lynda, LinkedIn, Seagate Technology.

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