Maxim is a director with experience of over 50 projects in different roles - sometimes as writer, or editor but primarily as Director. Projects range from independent short films to a feature length documentary. He is currently developing a love story thriller aimed at fully international theatrical release.


The Angel's Angel (in development) (writer, director) -

An old man walks the street of New York City, literally taking the pain from people struggling with their lives. But who looks after the one who looks after others?


Jolie's Garden (in development) (writer, director) -

Jolie lives a happy life in an underground garden, much loved but forever lied to. No-one has ever told her the garden is artificial or that she’s blind. In fact, she doesn’t even know she’s a prisoner...


Orpheus Rising (in development) (writer, director) -

A contract killer falls truly in love, and everything changes. A new feature film based on an original award winning script by Maxim Jago.


Post-production skills (educational) (2010 - 2018) (writer, director)

A series of video training courses for post-production skills development, with Video2Brain, Peachpit / Pearson,, LinkedIn Learning, , Adobe, and Avid.


The Ancestor Simulation (2018) (director)

(Award Winner: Best Director)

Uhan wakes up to discover he is in a simulation for future humans to experience life in the past (today). With no neural implant, he must come to terms with life without telepathy, access to all knowledge, and a sense of purpose: In short, the modern human condition.


The Vote (2018) (live multicamera) (director)

Live-streaming K-pop performance show where teams compete for a recording contract with live judges and an online audience vote.


Strong Heart (short) (2013) (director)

(Award Winner: Best Director)

A lost and lonely woman who surrenders to serendipity and finds not only herself, but also unexpected love.


Theft Unexpected (short) (2013) (director)

(Award Winner: Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor)

Comedy short. Things go awry when a stranger steals some biscuits.


Elsje’s Tea (short) (2013) (director)

Elsje has nothing to do, so she makes some tea. When no-one is looking, she uses her powers...


Orpheus Rising Micro Shorts (short) (2012) (director)

Mood and concept pieces presenting the look and feel of the forthcoming feature film, Orpheus Rising.


Real Ideas Studio Films in Cannes (short) (2011) (executive producer)

A series of short documentaries produced during the Cannes Film Festival 2011.


Dan Whitehouse Live with the Brewood Singers (live) (2011) (director)

Live performance of the singer Dan Whitehouse, performing with a full choir.


Benda Bilili! Co-Directors and Cast interviews (multi-camera) (2010) (director)

Multi-camera interviews with he directors and main cast of the film 'Benda Bilili!' during the Cannes Film Festival 2010.


'Benda Bilili!' Live performance (multi-camera) (2010) (director)

Multi-camera live performance by the musicians who’s film opened the 2010 Cannes Film Festival Director’s Fortnight.


Somebody loves you (music video) (2010) (director)

Music video for the singer Dan Whitehouse.


Always had a dream (music video) (2010) (director)

Music video for the band, Rodina.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (live) (2009) (director)

Multi-camera Theatre performance.


The Party's Over (short) (2009) (director) IMDB Page

Liz and Chris meet at last and both of them have reasons to be hurt. Chris reacts so badly to what Liz has to say, she doesn't know what to do.


Sabha (live) (2009) (director of filming)

Live music event starring Shivani Mair.


Choices (short) (2009) (director)

Short film about a crazy woman who breaks and enters to redecorate the homes of strangers.


Narnia (live) (2008) (director of filming)

Multi-camera recording of a theatrical performance.


Wildfire (short) (2008) (director, editor)

BAFTA shortlisted short film. Lovers meet via the unlikely medium of their video cameras.


Trust Me: Working with Richard Foreman (feature length doc) (2007) (director)

Feature length documentary providing insight into the working methods of Richard Foreman, the highly regarded International Abstract Theatre Writer and Director. Now available in the shops asa PAL DVD.


Jon Sleet Presents (TV pilot) (2006) (assistant director)

A straight clean cut presenter investigates unusual subjects.


International Literacy Day Conference (conference) (2006) (editor)

Video documenting the conference held in the UK.


Kinetic Fallacy (live) (2005) (director of filming, editor) Play Sample

Live music performance of the band in Liverpool.


Warchild Promo (promo) (2005) (director, editor) Play Sample

Promo illustrating some of the dramatic training provided by the International charity Warchild.


MASC Preparations Video (educational) (2005) (director, editor)

Training video for participants in war-zone training exercises.


Piano Falls (short) (2005) (editor)

Melancholy discovery for a wife who learns her husband doesn’t love her.


Zero Tolerance (short) (2004) (editor)

Two youths come face to face with a zero tolerance policy for petty crime.


Fighting Films: International Judo Championships (sports) (2004) (editor)

The Official 200 minute video for the International Championships.


Selfish Acts of Redemption (short) (2004) (editor)

A woman is questioned by a psychologist about a murder in this surreal and dark short film.


HG Regis – H&S (educational) (2004) (editor)

Induction video for new employees.


Tai Chi Ruler (educational) (2004) (director, editor)

Demonstration of the Tai Chi Ruler by Master Michael Richmond.


Artworks (TV pilot) (2003) (editor)

Pilot for a television series about teaching art to unlikely artists.


New Tycoons (TV pilot) (2003) (off-line editor)

BBC series about small businesses starting up.


Harriet Woodley (live) (2003) (director, editor)

Jazz Performance production and post production.


Love (short) (2003) (director, editor) Play Sample

A simple exercise in chasing and being chased.


Coiling Dragon: Bagua Zhang (educational) (2002) (director)

Training film and introduction to Bagua as taught by Marnix Wells.


Circus (feature) (1999) (second unit continuity)

Feature about Gangsters in Brighton.


Amethystine (short) (1999) (director)

Documentary on a form of Hatha Yoga for people new to the subject.


Clay (short) (1998) (editor)

16mm degree Graduation film about a killer who covers his victims in clay and uses them as statues.


The Notes in the Case of M. Valdemar (short) (1998) (Voice over)

Animation about a doctor who halts a patient on the threshold of death.


Concert (short) (1998) (assistant director)

16mm.. Strangers cross paths, walking in the night.


Nursery Rhyme (1998) (director)

BetaCam SP Graduation film with Simon Callow. An old man sits in a park mulling over taking his own life as memories, thoughts and feelings run by.


Soho Scene (feature) (1997) (line producer)

35mm no-budget feature shot in association with the Raindance Film Festival. Six directors shot six related short films based on Soho in as many days, starting filming near the beginning of the festival and being screened on the last day. No mean feat but worth it.


Blue Note, Documentary (short) (1997) (editor)

Experimental documentary about the Blue Note jazz club.


Autumn Leaves (short) (1997) (director)

Character study about Sebastian, a man who loves two women, both of whom are pregnant by him.


Chaos Theory (short) (1997) (editor)

16mm Documentary-drama based on a true story about two youths kidnapping a rich friend for a long weekend of spending and fun.


Sea water Cleaner (educational) (1996) (Voice Over)

Industrial documentary for a newly developed oil removal system.


African Animation (short) (1996) (Voice Over)

Short animation film.


Newbury (short) (1996) (director, editor)

Documentary investigating the controversial Newbury Bypass.


Nevermore (short) (1996) (stunts)

16mm Graduation film. Lenora is a ‘poor little rich girl’ who hires a killer to take her own life, then changes her mind.


Women (short) (1995) (producer, director)

Drama short experimental film of two men trying to understand.


The Rushes (music video) (1995) (director)

Music video shot in the recording studio.


Ballet (short) (1995) (director)

Documentary examining the non-professional ballet scene.


The Heart Of The Matter (short) (1995) (editor)

16mm black and white. A priest that falls in love with a member of his congregation.


Minor Disagreement No.1 (short) (1995) (director)

Comedy fight scene screened on Meridian Television.


Psychosis (short) (1994) (writer, director)

Graduation drama about a spurned lover that kidnaps his love to ‘tell her how he feels’


Give Blood (commercial) (1994) (actor)

Spec commercial with two doctors having a full blown shoot-out.


Macbeth (short) (1994) (actor)

Graduation drama. A presentation of the well known ‘three witches’ scene.


D-Day - 50 years Celebration (documentary) (1994) (creative advisor)

Documentary including interviews with ex-soldiers recounting the day.


Wuthering Heights (short) (1994) (editor)

Graduation drama with a shortcut version of the original.


Sweet Revenge (short) (1994) (assistant director)

Graduation drama about a woman coming to terms with divorce.


Three Day Cherbourg Event (educational) (1993) (presenter, camera)

Documentary following the experiences of three schools visiting France.


Tiddles, a World (short) (1992) (director)

Documentary drama comic pseudo-fly-on-the-wall look at a college.


Jojumbo (short) (1992) (director)

Comedy drama, screened on Meridian Television. Our hero falls asleep leaving the television on and an old Kunfu movie convinces him he is a Samurai Warrior who must clean up the town.


Bliss (music video) (1991) (director)

Rehearsal shoot for the band, Bliss.


The Chase (short) (1991) (director)

Comedy thriller short about a man chased by an odd figure intent, on blowing a party-whistle at him.


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